Tax havens and black money

The recent panama paper leak has brought the much needed attention over tax heavens, shady economies and black money. The “panama papers” are the 11.5 million leaked documents of Mossack Fonseca law firm. The firm helps in building offshore entities and paper work associated with it. A recent study shows that 8 percent of world’s wealth is stashed in offshore accounts while some of them are legitimate and some are not. All the money stashed offshore is not done by cheating the government rather with legal paperwork. The money is directed to their offshore entities where the taxation is less and on an overall basis the company ends up paying less tax. The tax havens are jurisdictions where the taxes are lowered to attract capital inflow.

Most of the times companies divert their earnings to offshore entities because of the stringent tax laws in the countries they operate. A restrictive and highly regulated framework increases the operational costs. At some point the companies find it highly unprofitable to operate and thus divert their earnings to cut down their taxes. This is not illegal but unfavorable to the country’s economy as it loses revenue. The point of concern arises when one thinks on how this money is used. Tax havens do not have transparency and the money can be easily used for illegal activities. Though these countries are not transparent with tax laws they have very less occurrences of money laundering and are in better position than highly regulated countries. In India the black money flowing into the real estate sector is higher than the money in offshore accounts.

iFlix the cloned script of Netflix expands its service in Asia Pacific region

iFlix is the video-on-demand service by the Malaysia based catcha group.iFlix,  the cloned script of Netflix is the leading internet TV service provider in South East Asia.The company claims to have the largest library of TV shows in this region.

This service is currently available in Phillipines Thailand and Malaysia.Expansion plans going on in Vietnam and Indonesia and the company has pumped in $30 million from Catcha and PLDT a telecom company from Phillipines for the same. With Netflix not available in many Southeast Asian countries ,iFlix is trying to capture this untapped market at the earliest.Netflix is also trying its best to attend to the audience of this part of the globe by entering into Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India.

The “orginal content” idea of Netflix is also being cloned by iFlix.Netflix has set the bar high with content like “House of cards” .iFlix is yet to prove its mettle. Currently, they are said to be working with regional production companies and not independent content developers. Southeast Asia is also being eyed by HOOQ another cloned script of Netflix started by Sony and Warner partnered with SingTel.They have ventured into Philipines market in February 2015 ,with mobile platform as priority.

iFlix has one million subscribers at present and is one the only video-on-demand service provider to give offline content viewing.This means that the content can be downloaded and viewed later without a  data connection.It has partnered with more than 60 of the world’s leading content providers and studios.

Tinder assures that cloned scripts can’t skip premium payment.

The dating app Tinder has been warned by the startup Bluebox security about the possibility to tamper Tinder’s paid services. Bluebox claims it is possible to breakdown and re-constructs the application to build the cloned script of Tinder with the premium services for free. Check more clone scripts at

The premium services are priced at $9.99 to $19.99 for services such as unlimited “swipes” and to recall a swipe.”Swipe” is moving through potential profiles on Tinder.

However Tinder has given knee-jerk reaction to the warning as it believes it is not possible for an average user to do accomplish such a hack.This requires complicated reverse engineering and serious security researchers.

Even Bluebox had to first intercept the messages between Tinder and users to find out whether the user has logged in.But the added features of Tinder is handled within the applications rather than the server side which makes it easier for an attacker to make modifications.This loop in the application was also pointed out by Pen-Test partners, UK based security consultancy.

This loop can be rectified by making the validation done on server side rather than in the application itself.

This leads to a hacker recreating the application and sell it on third party stores.Ofcourse it is never worth trying on Apple store or Google play store as they are quick to remove similar looking applications.

Bluebox has also pointed out security issues in applications such as Hulu.The ad free version of Hulu which is priced at $7.99 to $11.99 can be recreated with zero commercials. This is done by modifying the number of commercials to zero in the video player.

HTC one A9 more than a clone script of iPhone

The second Flagship device of HTC in 2015 is the HTC One A9.  With rounded unibody back and glass edge, the device bears a striking similarity to Iphone6/6s. Adding to the look-alike features is the capacitive home screen button which is present as a physical button in Iphone. Though the plastic strips at the top and bottom of the rear surface has Iphone looks it was the idea of HTC which was made more visible in Iphone latter.

The 5 inch phone is powered by 2150mAh non removable battery, clocked at 1.2 GHz with Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. This is the first non-nexus phone to run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The touch screen display is a full HD AMOLED at a resolution of 1820×1920 pixels.The display is packed with 441 pixels per inch.The display is ideal anything more than this would be too much for the vision. Moreover, the software fixes the AMOLED saturation pit-holes elegantly.

The HTC One A9 has thin-metal frame with edge-to-edge corning and gorilla glass.Fitted with 4 ultra pixel front camera which brightens the ligting condition by 300% and has a better wide angle capture.The rear end camera is 13 megapixel. The phone is best suited for single hand use, weighing 5.04 ounces and physical dimensions of 5.74 x 2.79 x 0.29 inches

The optical image stabilization (OIS) feature removes blur occurrence during image capture.OIS is achieved through internal gyroscope and microprocessor. It accepts single nano-SIM (GSM), connectivity options are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G. However the phone has an average battery falls short in running intense apps and the rear camera fails to spot scenic details. At appearance level the phone may be cloned script of Iphone. Nevertheless it’s a premium device priced aptly in the US market and at a steeper price in Europe.

Pinterest clone Melishuo does economically well in China

It is very obvious that China is the so called “clone master” in the industry and the country has also cloned the world famous online bulletin board, Pinterest. Pinterest is a place where you can fetch innovative ideas for your project regarding anything and everything. It has been an inspiration to many “copycats” and many of them have been fairly good whereas the others are epic failures.
There are many Pinterest clones from Chinese developers and one of them is Melishuo. It focuses more on women fashion and is quite popular among the locals. Recently, the clone had 10 million downloads and above 50 percent of them are monthly users. 59 percent of them are iPhone users, 31 percent are android users and 10 percent are iPad users. The statistics have infused fear in its rival aka (also known as) Pinterest clones, not kidding at all! It poses a threat to several other similar clones and Mogujie is in the top position of Melishuo’s “knockout list”. There are no big differences between the two Chinese clones. However, Mogujie is expected to make around $200 million in its third round of funding. Pack of clone scripts at zoplay
But honestly speaking, Melishuo is nowhere close to the mighty Pinterest but it seems to be promising in locals’ point of view. It is also making huge revenues with its monetized clicks and Pinterest should learn a lot about social commerce from it, sarcasms NOT! Melishuo is now an inspiration to many other Chinese developers to not give up on cloning things!

Some facts about Groupon clones industry in Indonesia

Groupon, the US based online group buying site is the most famous and successful ecommerce site and it has been an inspiration to many startups in the world. Indonesia is “hands down” not any less than China when it comes to cloning global products. There are many Groupon clones and several of them are from China and Indonesia.
 Disdus is the most familiar Indonesian Groupon clone that has many active users across the globe.
 Lapar is another infamous site in Indonesia and it is people’s favorite one. It is not very famous than Disdus.
 AdaDiskon follows the concept of Groupon and its users are some hungry bargainers from Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. However, there is no big media coverage for it despite the huge number of followers.
 SuperBestDeal is the Groupon clone aggregator that offers to help the Indonesians choose the best site to bargain for their favorite products, no more confusion regarding the clone pool!
 These different clones from Indonesian market mark the victory for the US based online site. Rich Williams, the CEO of Groupon would be making millions of dollars and victory dancing due to the site’s massive reach across the globe.
Groupon poses a dangerous threat to a lot of local sites and its rivals that are some biggest names in the industry. Indonesian clones are not any better than the original site but they are definitely locals’ favorite one. Nevertheless, the country is making it a lot tougher for the so called “clone master” China, sarcasms much?

Russia’s ecommerce site Ozon is not Amazon’s clone

Amazon is the US based online shopping destination for many shoppers across the globe. It is an inspiration to several other startups and a few have even failed terribly while trying to copy the mighty Amazon. The US based company is known for its huge inventories and its marketing strategies are attractive enough to grab attention from the public.
There are many Amazon clones worldwide and several critics call Russia’s Ozon as its clone. However the CEO Maelle Gavet was not very happy about the remarks on the Russian company. Ozon is in the game since 1998 and it is not any younger than Amazon. Also, it focuses on wider categories like transport and not just the usual ones. But the famous Russian site has issues with its cash on delivery and customer support options. About ten percent of the orders are taken by the call, very interesting, eh?
Gavet is planning to tune up the company’s performance in near future and also, move onto cloud and logistics services. Ozon is not going to quit anytime sooner and would completely take down the local rivals in Russia.
Amazon, Japan’s Rakuten and China’s Alibaba are planning to move into Russia and the news has already created tension among the local online retail websites. Though Ozon is the first Russian site to take off, it still lacks important social ecommerce features. Let us hope Maelle Gavet’s dream of building a better Ozon happens real soon!

China’s Airbnb Clone Gets 15 Million Dollars in Funding

Xiaozhu, one of the china’s Airbnb like clone gets $15 million in funding. It comes after its Series A funding round worth for $10 millions.
As Airbnb has many rooms across various places, the Chinese company Xiaozhu also has millions of rooms across 160 cities in China. It covered only 13 cities in the year 2013 but now the number is increasing quickly as the site is becoming popular with its investments and growth.
It focuses more on the places where the travel market is low with a number of cheap places having basic rooms and dorm style beds. Airbnb is a popular company in India and in the similar way Xiaozhu is popular in China. There will be lack of homes that look like a holiday home, where you long to spend time. This site has an issue in the long term rentals and fails to get the trust of landlords.
The leader for short term rentals in China is Tujia, which gets its series A funding in the year 2012 and its Series B funding later. Tujia is a good service and it attracts many landowners towards its service and most the properties listed in the site is high end properties.
Xiaozhu is up against the equally crazy named named Mayi that actually means ‘ants’, which also process in the low end of the market. Xiaozhu’s new funding is led by the existing investor Morningside Ventures and Legend capital.

Crowdfunding in China

As years pass by new innovations are exposed and so is the crowdfunding site in China. This new site was launched in the year 2014 and two of its projects made their top five lists of favorites.
Personal electrocardiogram-finltop: Nowadays there are plenty of hearts patients who often need to take ECG and they can do it by themselves and this device helps them to save the time. You can get the report simply by placing your thumbs on the two sensors of the device and this app is enabled in smartphones. This report can be sent to doctor for further evaluation.
Clone of leap motion-vid: This clone of leap motion has raised thousands of US dollars during the demo hours. One of the vid’s great features is its ability to angle its 90 degree on one side, so that the user can record their handwriting on a flat surface without applying ink to the paper.


One half wifi router and half power strip-Atsmart: It is a part wifi router and part power strip controlled by wechat. The outlets can be turned off and on using the app that connects with multiple Atsmart at once.
Kegel controlled temple run-skea: The crowdfund in China lists only projects that meet their funding goals.This device helps women to improve their lady parts with a kegel trainer and a smartphone app.The app allows the users to play the latest version of popular mobile game temple run. The character in the game leap over an obstacle when the user gives a pelvic squeeze.

Tantan The Clone Of Chinese App Tinder Raises 5 Millions In Series A Funding Round

It seems more number of investors is interested in the Chinese mobile dating market. Tantan has proved this, as it raises 5 million dollars in Series A funding round led by Bertelsmann Asia investments.
Readers who are familiar in using the western dating app Tinder will don’t undergo any trouble in using Tantan, as it is a carbon copy. If you browse through the app you can see the photos of various people in their area. If you like any of the photos then you can swipe right and if they like your photos, then you can start chatting with them.
If you don’t like the photo, then you can swipe left and move on to the other person’s photo. Swiping right is an indication of like and swiping left is an indication of dislike.
The life of social media network depends on its user number. It is not clear about the number of users Tantan have. This app has only three reviews in the iTunes stores for its iOS version, which is an evident for its lack of users, but founders claim that the app has weekly active eighty percent user rate and weekly rentention rate upto sixty percent.
The idea behind this latest round of investment is to increase the amount of users who are having a conversation with each other. The company executes this program hoping that it will lend them in success.